Thursday, 2 October 2008


Thank you for tagging me Rosalie. So now I tag you back and tag 6 others :)

A #1. Rockfest the Band

the hottest rock band in Australia.

And six talented writers who are all dear friends of mine. Meet them and their work and they could become your friends too at:

2. Rosalie Skinner

3. Laurel Lampherd

4. Carole Sutton

5. Esmaa Self

6. Edith Parzefall

7. Kim Smith

and now to follow the rest of the instructions. Tell 6 things about me.

1. I really admire people who put the needs of others first when they are in need of attention themsleves.

2. Self disciplined people have a head start. It must be a gift because I don't know how to get it, but my husband has it.

3. I'm too judgmental even with myself.

4. I believe in Destiny. If you really want something bad enough, you will get it -- for better or for worse.

5. Realizing that I prefer silence to music while I work proved that I'm no longer a spring chicken, but having just figured out how to add these links (the hard way - thanks Rosalie -the regular link icon proved to difficult) I'm not quite over the hill yet.

6. I'm really, really glad that my kids chose me to be their Mum.