Tuesday, 2 July 2013



The Unhewn Stone
placed 3rd in the Young Adult category of the International Digital Awards Contest for 2013.


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This novel for older teens  reinvents the legend of Wilhelm Tell through the eyes of a Swiss time traveller who belongs to the tyrant Governor Gessler's family.

On a mission to prevent the legend from happening and restore his family honour, Stefan Gessler enters the 14th century as a stubborn, proud, arrogant, pacifist unaware of the dangers he will face and the difficult lessons he will learn.

Tour modern and medieval Switzerland. Experience life in the Middle Ages, first hand. Encounter fascinating characters while you live by your wits and maybe, like Stefan, reinvent yourself. Does Stefan make the right choices?  You be the judge

Excerpt from a review of The Unhewn Stone by Great Historicals:

This novel is suspenseful, yet humorous at times. It is a coming of age story. From its likeable protagonist to its detestable antagonist, and the plentiful adventures and suspense in between, this is a wonderful novel to savor. Luscious prose that is simple and uncomplicated, allows the reader to slip easily into the story. Can the hero alter the past to improve the future for others? That is one of the main premises in this fascinating tale.