Friday, 2 December 2011

Calamity's Corner

The Christmas issue is dedicated to all of our contributers
and to the readers over the world who subscribe to
Calamity's Corner. I hope Calamity's Corner has provided
something of interest to mull over in your leisure time or
stirred your creative juices.

No Author of the Month for this month - instead we display their books.
What a wonderful variety.

Calamity takes you to Kent, England, Tricia McGill introduces her 2
new best friends, Ted and Wendy have a whale of a time in
Twofold Bay, NSW.

Laurel Lamperd sets writers a task to break the block
 and Tanja Cilia challenges our knowledge of Latin.
(Tanja I haven't studied Latin but got 9/12 so I'm thrilled :)

LJ and Jacquie present their regular columns and Wendy begs
 your vote for her book video on 21st -26th December
(just my luck it's over the holidays, lol, so I really need you) # 2 The Unhewn Stone.
You can view the video at the You Gotta Read site from Dec 2nd.

Thank you everyone for your friendship and support.
Happy Christmas!
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