Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Thanksgiving issue.

I hoped everyone survived Halloween. Last year a dad came with the neighbourhood kids, and when I offered them money he took it - to look after it for the children. The children were not impressed. This year I was prepared with a stash of lollies. I seem to have a few left over. Oh dear, there goes the diet.

In Calamity's Corner this month's Thanksgiving nibbles include: from Western Australia, mystery/crime writer Carole Sutton, whose latest book "Blood Opal' is now available. Come inside Ireland's most visited attraction (no it isn't the BlarneyStone). Wendy urges everyone to try NaNoWriMo at least once in their life. Spitzli and friends attend Obedience Training School. The quiz is an easy one for History lovers, about the most powerful woman in Europe of her time.
Jennifer Leonard shares something special with Sydneysiders and LJ Roberts book review features an Aussie author.

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Good Luck NaNoWrimoers. Will you be among the 18% who win?!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Halloween Issue of Calamity's Corner

In the Halloween issue of CC our Author of the Month is Lisa J. Yarde who shares her obsession with historical research. I take you to the old town square in Verona, Italy. Laurel Lamperd sent us some strange architecture and this month's animal and the quick quiz are very weird indeed, hehe.
L.J.Robert's book review column is great as usual, Calamity hogged the movie comments (sorry) and Sally Odgers has a wise writing tip for all authors. Look for Margaret Tanner's exciting announcement. All of CC readers are sure to wish her well.
Happy October, Happy Halloween
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