Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My Review of Mirella Patzer's Bloodstone Castle

Bloodstone Castle by Mirella Patzer

Review by Wendy Laharnar

At the moment of her birth, in Bloodstone Castle, Morena, Contessa of Portovenere, receives an ancient bloodstone pendant from her dying mother who believes the pendant will protect her from harm. No one knows the true significance of the bloodstone pendant.
Morena grows into a beautiful, strong-willed woman, fiercely loyal to her father and to her betrothed, Ernest of Savona, a man she has never met. However, unknown to her, her father plans to rescind the marriage contract in favour of Duke Amoro Dragone of Genoa, in order to heal the ancient family feud and restore peace to the region.
A reluctant suitor at first, the handsome Duke Amoro soon falls deeply in love with Morena, but she vehemently shuns his advances. Although strongly attracted to him, she flees. Her escape leads her to the unscrupulous and self-serving Ernesto who is as determined as Amoro to make her his bride and claim Bloodstone Castle and its treasure before Morena learns his dreadful secret.
When Morena is forced to face a brutal reality, she realizes her heart belongs to Amoro, but it is too late. Amoro's attempt to save her has trapped them both in the crumbling castle at Savona, and, it seems, only Morena's marriage to the repulsive Ernesto can save her true loves life.

Through Mirella Patzer's sensual language and haunting atmosphere we experience the medieval world of castles and monasteries, of hidden treasure and secret passages, of mistrust and betrayal, of passion and desire. Exciting action, at times heart-warmingly sensitive and terrifyingly brutal and the inner conflict of both Amoro and Morena, sweep us into the passion and pain of this turbulent romance. From the heart-rending opening to the breathless pursuits and the unexpected surprise in the wonderfully satisfying end, Bloodstone Castle holds the reader captive.

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