Friday, 22 February 2008

Talented friends

It's so lovely to have so many talented friends on my Bebo site. I think we are all enjoying the communication between our sites. I spent most of the day setting up a quiz there today Novels & Novelists instead of slashing words off my novel which is still too long to be publishable. I'll get back to the novel tonight. I hope there will be tons of people who take the quiz. I think it might be too hard but it is mutli choice and the last two questions are a bit of a cheek. If people don't know the answers to those it won't count. But if they do, I'll be their friend for life.

Thank you to Rosalie and Terry for the lovely reviews and the 5 stars which was quite a thrill on my Bebo Book site and to Anne and Anita for there special comments, today.

Goodreads is another great place for forming like-minded friends. I'm thrilled Sheryl joined. I'm waiting to see what books she chooses to add to her shelf.

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