Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Newsletter Success.

Thanks to some advice from family members I was able to send out my first newsletter. I used the Bcc feature in outlook to hide the list of names. The Bcc was hard to find and I did have to add each address seperately. There has to be an easier way! Also I must get software to convert Word to PDF so that the format isn't corrupted for non Word readers. The May issue is nearly ready.
I'm happy now that it worked this time, but will be happier when I can discover how others send their newsletters in large numbers. So far the companies I've asked haven't responded.

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Ruth D~ said...

Wendy if you saved those email addresses in a copy of a sent email, you can make them a . . . darn, what's it called? A group? And then when you send your newsletter, call up the group of names . . . maybe you've already figured out how to do this.

Good luck with this venture.