Saturday, 31 July 2010

My article on 'Calamity's Corner' at 1st Turning Point.

1st Turning Point turns the tables on Calamity! Now Calamity, who seeks articles for Calamity's Corner, is invited to write one herself -- about Calamity's Corner. How great is that?!! Want to read it? You can on August 5th at 1st Turning Point but don't wait till then. They have wonderful articles on self promotion and marketing, every day.


Celia Yeary said...

Hi, Wendy--I'll join your newletter. Sounds interesting, and if I figure out how to contribute, I will. I left a message on 1st Turning Point--one of my favorite sites. I co-owned a yahoo loop for two years called the Book Spa (we had to quit because both of us owners were in the midst of too many family traumas and we could not do a good job.)and Jacquie was one of our members. She developed the idea for 1st Turning Point then, and discussed it a little with us. I have an article in the archives somewhere.
Best wishes with your writing--
Celia Yeary
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Jacquie Rogers said...

Hi, Wendy! We (the Parrots at 1st Turning Point) were the lucky ones because you do a stupendous job with Calamity's Corner! Here's the direct link to your article:

Or click here

Celia, good to see you here! Yes, I really enjoyed the Book Spa--you ladies made a wonderful place for us to discuss whatever we wanted, and I do remember talking about starting 1st Turning Point. In fact, I think the Book Spa was the first place to know, at least from me. Ann has her own haunts. :)

Wendy, kudos to you for creating such an informative and entertaining newsletter. I hope your article will encourage people to subscribe.


Wendy said...

Oh! This is such a lovely surprise. I didn't notice the two comments from Celia and Jacquie, until today. I really appreciate that you took the time and for your kind words.
Celia you DID contribute to Calamity's Corner. This month's writing exercise was inspired by your lovely stories @

And Jacquie, thank you for posting Networking with Newsletters on 1st Turning point and now, August 30th at Texty Ladies.