Thursday, 7 June 2012

Short Story Writing

Anne Duguid invited me to write a post for the wonderful blog Slow and Steady School for Writers which she designed especially for serious writers. As an editor, Annie knows what writers need to know to get published.  Slow and Steady School for Writers is a blog I have book-marked and keep the icon on my desktop because of the wealth of information and assistance Annie and her Guests provide.
I'm thrilled to participate.
I have a BA in English Literature and Classical Literature  which I draw on for my novel writing, but I also have a diploma in Professional Writing (English, Fiction, and Freelance Journalism), from International Correspondence Schools (Australia),  so I decided to talk about the five, three and two tiered plot framework, I learned about, there, regarding the short story. There are lists and links to make gathering the essential ingredients easier.

You'll find Annie's blog and my post  at

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Rosalie Skinner said...

Wendy, the post you wrote for Annie is priceless. The information is essential reading. I am keeping it as reference material. Thanks for sharing and being so generous with your knowledge.

Wendy said...

Thank you Rosalie,that's pleasing to know you'll be keeping it. I found the course very helpful. When I tried to contact the school last month, I couldn't find them. The London office said that ICS (Aust)had changed hands. That's sad, really. My Dad took a refrigeration engineer's degree with them in the '50s. Their courses covered everything.

Annie said...

Very belated thanks to you Wendy for that wonderful post. It had so many views as well as innumerable well-deserved comments full of praise.

Think it's one of those articles that readers return to again and again.