Sunday, 30 October 2011

My Book Review of 'Thank You Mom and Thank You Dad For All The Wonderful Things I Have' by Sherri Lubin Carpenter

Sherri Lubin Carpenter’s charming children’s picture book, Thank You Mom and Thank You Dad For All The Wonderful Things I Have, introduces the toddler to the five senses. Written in verse and repetition, it could be set to music. The focus is on the importance of parents in a child’s life and the child’s gratitude towards them. I think this idea helps to reinforce the respect and love that flows between them. Elisa Elaine Luevanos’ beautiful illustrations clearly show this. I found the irregular metre and rhyme not to my taste, but the warmth and sentiment of the visually graphic imagery in the words held me.

Carefully chosen examples to engage the young reader define the five senses, especially when he encounters the smells of raw fish and skunk and the taste of bitter radish, and when he touches the hot slide. I can imagine him laughing and screwing up his noses and using lots of facial expressions, and his wide-eyed wonder as he explores the beach. This would make a lovely bedtime story of young children to be read and reread many times over.

Available at Willow Moon Publishing
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