Sunday, 25 March 2012

Playing Lucky Seven Meme

I have been tagged by Michele Archer to do the Lucky Seven Meme. I'd love it if you all played along with me! So, what you're supposed to do is this:
Go to page 77 in your current WIP/MS. Go to line 7. Copy and past 7 sentences, lines, or paragraphs and then tag 7 other authors including the one who tagged you. :D
Here are my seven sentences from The Elfin Bride.

“Excuse me, Miss Schull…”

... Schull stopped dead in her tracks. “I am Princess of the Realm, kindly address me as such.”

“Sorry, princess, but your tail is dusting the ground, removing evidence of our passing. What if you need to retrace your steps? May I carry your tail for you, like a lady in waiting or…um…a minion?”

Schull raised her scaly appendage, allowing Gwen to support it near the centre.

Now I tag 7 other authors: Natalie Laharnar, Maggi Andersen, Anne Brear, Julie-Anne Geddes, Christine London, Rosalie Skinner and Michele Archer


Edith Parzefall said...

Lovely page 77 sample, Wendy! Sure reads like you've got a great story there.

Wendy said...

lol. Thank you Edith, if it ever get fleshed out. Gwen is the distraught mother who has crossed the forbidden boundary from reality to makebelive in search of her kidnapped baby. Schull is one of the daughters of the dragon queen who kidnapped the baby and is raising it as an elf. The story is so convoluted it has me tied up in knots. :) Still a wip since 2005. Fun to talk about. Agony to write.