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Proudly presenting Adriana Ryan

     Vivacious friend and fellow Muse Author, Adriana writes spunky, supernatural women’s fiction in beautiful Charleston, SC. She is currently at work on an urban fantasy series. A huge fan of spooky stuff and shoes, she enjoys alternately hitting up the outlet malls and historic graveyards. Her Paranormal Romance, Her Heart's Desire, was released on March 23rd.

      We'd all like to learn more about your writing life, Adriana. Tell us...

     Did something happen or someone say something to open your eyes to the fact that   you wanted to write fiction?

I can’t remember any single moment that precipitated my wanting to write. I do remember scribbling on the walls and cabinets in my house, and writing on my clothes until my parents introduced me to the concept of writing in a notebook! So as far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write. J

What keeps you motivated as a writer?

Ooh, good question! Motivations are so hard to dissect, unless you’re doing so for a book. J So many little things motivate me, but if I had to pick one big one, I’d say the need to unburden my mind. If I don’t write, I have all these scenes and bits of dialog and ideas for things running through my head all day. It’s enough to drive anyone batty!

     What is it about writing you truly like?

The idea that I can create entire existences and universes out of thin air. It’s a heady feeling. J

      Do you love a specific writing area or do you have several places you can write?

I have to sit at a table, because I write best when I’m upright. That’s not to say I haven’t written in bed before. ;) I usually write at my desk in my office.

     What three words best describe the real Adriana as you see her?

Happy, curious, and odd (or as Shakespeare called it, ‘passing strange.’ ;))

What three words  best describe your main character, Millie.

Vulnerable, strong, and intelligent.  
            How does your book differ from others in the same genre?

     It’s a novella, so apart from the fact that it’s a lot shorter than other works in the field, I’d say it’s different because it’s fresh and innocent. An early review calls it ‘a Cinderella story for adults.’ I really love that, because it’s exactly what it is: a fairy story, something happy, and optimistic, and ultimately victorious.

     Where did the idea of using a pendant rather than another key object come from?

You have the most awesome questions, Wendy! J It was just an image I had. I’m a total nut for pendants (hello, addiction!), and I had this vision of one that had magic in it. What would it do? Who would wear it? And thus, Her Heart’s Desire was born. J

Adriana, would you treat us to a short excerpt of this fascinating story that hasn’t appeared anywhere else, please?  

Millie looked up when she felt something being slipped around her neck.


“This is for you.” The woman gestured at Millie’s chest.

She looked down and saw a glass pendant shaped like a small bottle hanging on a black leather cord. The pendant was no bigger than an inch and intricately carved.

“It’s beautiful,” Millie said, fingering it. “But I don’t have any money…I left my purse back at the office—”

The woman held up a wrinkled old hand as the rain pelted down on them. “I do not want your money. This is for your pained heart.”

Before Millie could protest, the woman placed her palm over the pendant. She closed her eyes and half-sang, half-chanted, “Mashaha la. Mashaha la.”

Millie watched in disbelief as a purple glow lit up the crevices of the woman’s hand, and light spilled from the spaces between her fingers. She could feel the pendant getting warm, warmer, and almost hot. In a sudden mini-implosion, the light and the heat receded.

Millie squinted at the homeless woman in the rain, unable to speak. What just happened?

“This is the Night’s Hope necklace. By day you will be Millie, by night you will be transformed into your heart’s desire.” She flashed a crooked little smile at Millie. “Enjoy.”

Millie gazed down at the necklace, trying to remember if she had told the old woman her name. “This is amazing,” she said, stroking the pendant. “How did you make it light up?”

There was silence, and she looked up to see that the seat next to her was empty. Her only company was the thundering rain and gusting wind. #

Thank you for visiting here today Adriana and CONGRATULATIONS  on the recent release of you book on March 23rd. We wish you mega sales!

Thank you so much for having me participate, Wendy! :) This was a really fun interview to do. :)

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S.Durham said...

Great excerpt Adriana, I've also read the other one at Muse and look forward to seeing how Her Heart's Desire plays out:) As you know, I too love the supernatural, and spooky things in stories.

Congratulations on the release!


Stacy Green said...

Love this interview! Always fun getting to know more about other writers. Like Adriana, I've always had stories in my head, but I really can't pinpoint when I knew I wanted to write. It was just always there in the back of my mind.

Loved the excerpt, too. Congrats:)

Edith Parzefall said...

Lovely interview and excerpt. Sounds like Her Heart's Desire makes for a great 'feel-good-read' with enough mystery to intrigue the reader.

Wendy said...

Hi Sara, Thank you for stopping by. The combination of romance and spooky is a winning combination so I'm sure Adriana's new novel will do very well.

Hi Stacy, Lovely to see you here. Wasn't it great that Adiana's parents introduced her to writing in notebooks to get her off the walls. :) Maybe a smaller canvas but her big ideas have remained, luckily for us.

Hi Edith, I agree, Her Heart's Desire has it all to satisfy the readers.

Joylene said...

Congratulations, Adriana. The book sounds fascinating. Thank goodness your parents introduced you to notebooks.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Joylene, I had to laugh at the "Thank goodness." I'm sure they were thinking the same thing once my scribbling was off the walls! ;)

Sara--you know I'm a huge fan, and I'm honored you stopped by!! Thank you!

Stacy, isn't it funny how writing sort of just melds into who you are at some point?

Edith, what a sweet thing to say. :) Thank you.

And dearest friend Wendy, thank you so much for having me over! :D

Rosalie Skinner said...

A great interview, Wendy, Adriana... and a spinechilling extract. I am hooked... if the cover didn't grab me and force me to add this to my 'to buy' list, the extract did!
Wendy, again you asked the right questions... and Adriana... thanks for giving us an insight into a talented author.