Sunday 22 July 2012

Invitation to the Party on 26th and 27th July

I'm excited to be hosting  a Book Launch Party in the Magic Garden for TEN Muse Authors on 26-27 ... + July. ie. 27th Aussie & NZ time but we are at least 8 -16 hrs ahead of the rest of the world.

Let's all celebrate with

Rosalie Skinner, Michelle Pickett, Erick Burgess, Margo Sorenson, Kristy Brown, Joanne Elder, Heather Kuehl, Joyce Holland, Cheryl Dale, Mary Andrews and Alix Richards.

Pop in and out of the gate via the comments, at your leisure to mingle with strange fictional characters, eat fabulous cyber food and drinks, dance and chat.  Just one thing, or two. Don't venture behind the hedge and Do Not drink the water. hehehe.

Everyone is welcome to this Aussie Party where Chubby Bubby Blue is our mascot, and the gates remain open until the last tired guest finally departs. Time is irrelevant in cyber space, so are calories. :)

BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND/OR BOOK CHARACTERS AND YOUR OWN FAVOURITE FOOD TO SHARE. (Right now I can smell the real  Duck à l'orange my husband is cooking for dinner. I'm bring a tray load of that. mmmmmmm)



Rosalie Skinner said...

I can smell the snickerdoodles cooking.
I hope it's the snickerdoodles... hmm.
Looking forward to a great celebration.
Thanks Wendy for risking your garden again!!

Margo said...

I'll bring won-tons, in the spirit of my mg mystery, ISLAND DANGER! Thanks fo much for doing this, Wendy! Aloha!

Rosalie Skinner said...

Will look forward to meeting Todd, Margo... and sampling the won-tons!
Hope the weather holds.. hold on.. Wendy always has perfect weather. :)
See you there!

Laurel Lamperd said...

Good reads here. A reader will find something to tickle their fancy and take to bed with them. Congratulations to all these writers who have worked diligently and created a work of imagination. Cheers

Rosalie Skinner said...

Thanks Laurel...head on over to the party. You would be very welcome.