Monday, 4 March 2013

New Release, short story, A Summer Squall.

 MuseItUp Publishing released another of my short stories, this week. The New Release Special on A Summer Squall is available for a few more days at MuseItUp Publishing  Although, there's no real need for the reduction. The full price is a spit in the sea. :)    
Now available from Amazon Kindle     
A Summer Squall.
This is metaphorical story about writing one's way out of writer's block; about a woman who gets in over her head and has to swim for her literary life.
Cover Designer: Marion Sipe
This is an example of Faction, ie fiction based on fact.
Thank you to Lea Schizas, publisher, to two talented editors, Anne Duguid and Nancy M. Bell, and the clever cover designer Marion Sipe for helping me polish this story and bring it to life.
Thank you to Rosalie Skinner and Steve Skinner for their valualbe assistance regarding the emergency flare scene.
I raise my glass of Red to you all in celebration and take a long drink for myself.


Rosalie Skinner said...

Great to be of assistance Wendy!!
Congratulations on the release of a wonderful, captivating and beautifully evocative and scripted short story.
Once again your magic pen has held me spell bound.
I guess working on your blog post, remembering the story, explains my dream of storms and the beach we used to visit for weekends and holidays. Those storms that would hit the cliff where our little fibro cottage shook and shivered until the wind died down.
Great memories...brought to life by A Summer Squall.

Wendy said...

I love the image you created from your memory of your little cottage on the cliff. I hope that finds it's way into one of your novels, Rosalie. Thank you for your lovely comments and also for interviewing me on your blog. I hope lots of people drop over and join us there.