Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Unhewn Stone is reduced for today

If you'd like to lose yourself inside a medieval legend for a few hours, The Unhewn Stone can take you there. This ebook is on a Super Duper Sale  today at MuseItUp publishing on Amazon Kindle and also at Smashwords   ONLY $1.99 - use coupon code KZ84U at Smashwords' checkout.

When Stefan Gessler goes back to 1307 AD to prevent the Wilhelm Tell legend from happening and restore honour to his family name, he expects to be awed as the hero from the 21st century. He's in for the shock of his life. Not only does Wilhelm Tell trap him in the 14th century but a shape shifting sibyl and an evil knight are determined to keep him there, dead or alive.

Stefan is accepted by most of his distant family, especially the young nobleman Rolf, his cousin, but he belongs to the wrong side of the feud against Tell. His ancestor is the the tyrant governor Gessler who won't listen to Stefan's wise advice, not even to save his own life. 

This is a hero's journey, a coming of age novel with a difference. Stefan hides behind masks while trying to find his true identity in the fascinating and often frightening world of the new Switzerland, in the Middle Ages.

Alchemist or modern man, hero or fool,  and does he really need to pursue the elusive Ursula even on the other side of time? That's for Stefan and the reader to decide.

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Pat McDermott said...

A great adventure is a bargain at any price, and The Unhewn Stone is one of the best. Readers, don't hesitate to visit medieval Switzerland with Stefan!