Sunday, 5 May 2013

Climbing the Amazon Graph

It's still on sale for only $1.99 Amazon Kindle The Unhewn Stone

Thanks to whoever bought The Unhewn Stone in the last couple of days the Amazon graph looks healthier. No longer down near the million mark it's climbed to just under 129,000.

That's a massive jump for one or 2 sales.

I wonder what would happen if just one more person bought it.

It would be so good to get below the 100,000 while there's still a chance.

The window of opportunity is so short as we all know.

Cover Designer: Tiger Matthews
Fighting legends in the Middle Ages is a dangerous game, even for the modern young magician known as the Chosen One.

By means of a magic orb, an opportunity presents for Stefan to travel back to 1307, the era of the Wilhelm Tell legend. His grandfather urges him to go. He wants Stefan to restore family honour by preventing the events of the legend from happening. You see, in the very town where Wilhelm Tell is revered above all others, Stefan is an outsider. He is a Gessler, descended from the tyrant governor who forced Tell to shoot and arrow through the apple on his son’s head. Stefan’s family still bear the stigma after 700 years.

Stefan’s mission is to stop Tell from killing Governor Gessler and thus prevent Tell from becoming the Swiss National Hero of Liberty. After all, Tell is a killer, so is there really any difference between freedom fighters and terrorists? Stefan’s grandfather suggests that while Stefan is in medieval Switzerland he should try to discover the alchemist’s secret of changing metal into gold. If Stefan can do this, his grandfather promises, he’ll lose his complex and get his heart’s desire. For Stefan that means the love of the cool beauty Ursula. Pursued by a shape shifting sibyl and an evil knight, and mistrusted by his distant family, Stefan is trapped inside the legend with no hope of escape.


Suzanne de Montigny said...

Well, you just did. I'm going to go get it now if I can find the link.

Suzanne de Montigny said...

Done! Got it. Check your graph in a couple of hours.

Wendy said...

It did! It did. 80,986. Suzanne! Thank you so much!