Thursday, 5 June 2014

Book Review, A Horse Called Trouble

A Horse Called Trouble
by C.K. Volnek 
                        My rating: 5  stars

Perfect read for teens

This is a lovely uplifting book about a troubled girl and a troublesome horse who find love and trust in each other. The ranch setting is appealing and provides a great contrast for the dark, internal and external conflicts which drive the story.

In A Horse Called Trouble, Ms Volnek explores the sensitive issues in childhood and adolescence of ‘the haves’ and ‘have nots’, of friendships and jealousies, of rejection and bullying, and shows us a strong central character who fights on, and grows, in spite of the odds. We are drawn into the story from the start, and held there, feeling we are participants in 13-year-old Tara’s life. How we love Tara and Trouble.

Beautifully written, evoking a gamut of emotions, A Horse Called Trouble is a lesson for bullies and encouragement for those who are treated unfairly. But more than this, the book is a gripping adventure to be loved and passed on from generation to generation. A Horse Called Trouble is up there with the classics. I loved it.

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