Saturday, 7 June 2014

Jolie Pethtel's new Romantic Cosy out today.

Congratulations to author Jolie Pethtel on the release, today, of her fascinating novel Poison Pens, Book 2 in her Jezebel Jinx mysteries, from MuseItUp Publishing.

Cover designer: Celairen
Because Jolie is unable to  relish this wonderful occasion today, I want to share this exciting time with the reading public on her behalf.

Set in the 1920s prohibition era,  Poison Pens has everything to keep the reader enthralled. The strong female character in Jezebel Jinx, aka Mrs Finn Mackenzie,  the feisty but agoraphobic mystery writer, takes us through twists and turns with murder, mystery, humour, romance and revenge. This is a fabulous cosy and much more.

We know from the blurb that suspense will be high:

‘Truth or die” is the name of the game, when a killer hijacks a murder mystery weekend for writers... One by one, [Jezebel's] fellow writers are being poisoned, and the only way to get the antidote in time is to discover the secrets that link them all together as victims, as well as potential murderers.

The post card which opens the novel, immediately sets the mood:

You are cordially invited to an exclusive gathering of the Poison Pens Society for a weekend of murder and mayhem, to commence on Friday, November 13th,  at the thirteenth hour. Suspects may bring an alibi.

Judging by the reviews of Ms Pethtel's earlier novel, Painted Jezebel -

...there is surely nothing that can pry it from a readers hands once they get started. A whirl wind from start to finish...

 Painted Jezebel is a hilarious adventure with more twists and turns than the most elaborate spiral staircase you'll ever find anywhere.

...some scenes will make you laugh like a loon - 

So, Poison Pens promises to be a very entertaining read.

Available from MuseItUp Publishing and Discounted for a short time for a crazy $2.99.

and at Amazon Kindle and the other online book stores.

So raise your glasses and wish Jolie much success with her new novel and may she write many more.

Cheers, Jolie!!


Wendy said...

A Release Day is such and important and exciting time. I'm so sorry you are unable to enjoy it to it's full extent, Jolie. Life happens at unexpected times and we go with the flow, don't we?
Just know, in the background, your wonderful achievement is out for the world to read and your fellow Musers are right here, with you, offering you love and strength. Cheers Billie xx

Rosalie Skinner said...

What a great post to celebrate your release day.
Here we are beginning winter, a perfect time to settle down with a Romantic Cosy.

The idea of a Poison Pen's weekend writer's retreat sounds brilliant. I am looking forward to seeing how your story twists and turns.
Congratulations and well done! You have hooked me from the tag line.

Thanks for sharing your book with Wendy, today. I hope release day is all you wish for, and more.